everybody need to change for success.. from my reading, we need:

1. clear objectives to change/ determine it 1st, meaning that if you want to change your life style what kind of style do you prefer?
2. then when you have clear mission, you need to identify the path towards your goals. hurm.. seems that how you want to change? list down 'bla bla bla' .. said if you wish to wake up early make sure you sleep early, set alarm and etc.
3. next it the most challenges part~~ your willingness to change? either you are strongly want to change or so so to change. huhuhu..

most of people fails to accomplish the mission as well as maybe they lost at the beginning. la la la~~

credit to kak red at redmummy[dot]com, i read from her previous blog if you want to change at least gave them 28 days (similar like that 'lah').. then, just think about it.. hurm~ insya Allah..