as'kum.. hi all! how's your weekend? mine was NOT VERY GOOD basically due to the problems of my internet connection.. shila's lappy was being as good lappy to her but mine was not. i am not sure what's actually happen to my lappy until she can't connect to the internet.. nge~ shila was not sleep yet helping me out of this problems; back up my data and format my lappy. we hope that after formatting her everything could be fine.. yet, till now shila stil 'godeh-godeh' my lappy. why lappy why?? before this my lappy can connect via wireless.. i can't see any problems occured to my lappy?? huk.. huk.. please lappy.. help me ok. don't be like this.. you know dear lappy, we've been together since almost 4 years ago.. this semester was my final semester on Msc. be strong, darling..