as'kum.. today's entry was about con case via courier service.. it's happening in malaysia and the modus operandi is there's a guy who would like to make new friends. later he will asking about your personal details such as your full name, telephone number, address and etc. the next day this guy will call or chatting with you and stated that he want to send you some gifts due the loyal friendship~ ('kunun-kunun la kan')..couple of days later, when you log in to your email, you would receive email from that guy mentioned that he's already send you a laptop, jewelry, sum 3,500 USD proven with a picture of the parcel!! ngee.. don't easily trust with this kind of tricks ok. based from my experiences, when women get this kind of gifts they sometimes forgot that she's one of the victim of something that you're not so sure.. yes.. basically i am also not so sure when this is happen to my friends last year. luckily, she's not so emational and still rasional during that time. psstt.. let's continue what happen next? and then.. 2 or 3 days later you'll receive an email from a party which claimed that there are the courier services which bring your parcel.. OoooOOooooo.. ok.. the courier service is Multilink courier located at Mukah, Sarawak.. what a big surprised that this courier service ask for RM 2,000~RM 3,500 for duty fees and straight away bank in to their account.. is it logic that the amount was soooo ssooooo expensive ?? at 1st maybe you don't realize yet that there's something goes wrong somewhere because you just settle the payment for a duty fees and later on you'll get sum of USD.. but, after you bank in then you'll receive another emails that you should bank in more, almost RM 6,000 .. hello~ don't you realize that there's wrong everywhere?? adoi!! by then when you file a police report it just too late because there's a lot malaysian people was become a victim. i hope that you're not the next victim, ok. insya Allah..