my wish list:

[1] meet my friends in Sek 23 and 'tata-tata' them. they have Pangkor Trip which i can't join. so SAD.. [2] ready with my thesis proposal plus presentation slides, March, 7 2009 [3] since my sweetheart plan to watch soccer match this weekend so i decided to attend Kak Ana's weeding with some body else.. huhu!, March, 8 2009 [4] going to money changer for $$$ USD [5] Cambodia Trip [6] buy gifts and souvenirs to family and friends.. i wish to buy something to A SPECIAL ONE.. psstt.. not to my sweetheart. ups!! please don't misunderstanding me ok. you just wait and see. of course i'll buy the special gift to my sweetheart lol!! [7] finally i wish to buy 3 things to my sweetheart. later i'll update about them. hihi..

psst.. the pic above is the clue for A SPECIAL ONE. that person was very kind to me and i wish to give it to her/ him .. i do pray for her/ his success and happiness with her/ his family!