my thesis' supervisor

as'kum and very good morning to my friends out there. hello guys.. how's your weekend? mine is perfect!! i spend my special moments with my sweetheart of cause, my friends and my auntie. i love~ 1st and for most, my 1st entry for today is regarding my presentation last saturday. hihi.. so far, i did all my best for the proposal presentation. overall, all lecturers gave their recommendations and some useful advices to me. a special thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Rahmat for his brilliant ideas. i am very lucky because he become my supervisor. to be frank, my friends are very happy with his comments because of the way he advise us. we feel that he's really appreciate with our efforts and ask us to do some improvements in order to get the good topic for our final project. thank you. thank you. thank you Prof..