my precious moments- updated

1. my breakfast shows: this pictures was taken after i got seriously stomach aches at night. i cannot sleep even cannot move from my sleeping position. it was happen when i didn't take any heavy meals for almost 3 days. i'm suffered with stomac aches. the lesson learn is please take your breakfast before you start your day. hu3x

2. last wednesday: i went to Cheras meeting my another office mates. we're having our lunch at Bdr Sri Permaisuri. i love to eat fried 'ayam kg' add on with sambal belacan, plus 'ulam-ulam' and a bit 'kuah masak lemak'. fuhhhh!!! two thumbs up, beb.. well, i really fall in love with 'kg style'..

3. extra-credit to kak zai: sponsored by kak zai. this pictures taken after we met lawyer in Taman Desa, Kl. since it was very private and confidencial issues so i don't want to comment about the case. i just enjoy my meals.. finally, as ussual my nose turn red because of allergies. huhu

4. weeding invitation: i said it was 'desperate housewives theme' because there are a lot of appleas(red and green) here and there from 'pelamin' to 'hantaran'. well.. from 5 star with honored i gave them 6 star!! on the theme, foods and beverages plus the environment.. it's perfecto~