must post this!

since i'll going to cambodia for almost 4 days, so i'll miss my blog very much. i promise that as soon as i am going back, i'll update my entries exclusively about my trip to cambodia. ok.. ok.. w/out further due i must post this before i leave. special to my friends and readers out there, please.. please.. don't try this at home. guess what?! i found a cracy creature again. the place where i found her is not very important but the way she brings herself was very annoying. i am sorry but i have to mention this. she's always think that she's the best. ok.. i understand that was how every body are trying to motivate themselves BUT i can't stand to see her behaviour. she likes to show off, claims that she's perfect on doing things and ouh.. enough said! do you think that people around you likes to way of your thinking?? did you realized that almost every day, people around you keep on talking about your bad attitude?? or else have you ever think and consider what others feelings?? come one.. you are almost 25. not a small girls, ok.. act like 25 not 5. psstt.. have you sit and think why sometimes you feel bad with what happen around you? like maybe accident or else. i am sorry. i am no body to tell you this but as a friend (maybe) you should realized that 'what you give you get back'. means that when you did something that hurts people feelings maybe one day you will feel the same or even worst!! Allah is Great. remember that.. i do remind to myself too. thank you..