ouh i got headache

i am not so sure why it's happen? but i am very sure it started since this morning. i guess i didn't have enough sleep last night. actually, last night i can't sleep even i've tried to close my eyes but my ears still can hear many sounds!! it goes until almost 3 a.m. i sms my sweetheart and soon he replied me. he just finish his work and going to sleep until i'm telling him that i can't sleep. after we chit-chatting for a while suddenly both of us blackout!! haha.. it's work for me to sleep. but when i woke up this morning i got headaches.. and until now i can feel it. is it because of i didn't have enough sleep or else? or the dizziness is because of a syndrome for people who should wear a glasses?? any ideas?? i said so because recently when i am watching tv, it's hard for me to read the subtitle and the word looks blur... and grrr..