Johnny's Restaurant

the 3rd story for today is my 'jalan-jalan cari makan' last weekend with my sister. hihi.. which sister?! my sweetheart's younger sister a.k.a che r. last saturday che r and i went to Jj Bukit Raja to watch movie since her brother was busy so i decided to hang out with his sister only. please.. don't missunderstanding it ok. che r and i was a close friends. before this we always spend our time together (chit-chatting and shopping even having weekend together in my house) and this is our 1st date for 2009. we watched Ong bak 2 that i'll share about it later and 'jalan-jalan cari makan' at Johnny's restaurant for the fresh and tasty Thai steamboat. sounds delicious is it? overall i love my 1st time experiences on steamboat, having dinner with his sister and enjoy our steamboat together. as a result, that night my nose turn red because i allergies with seafood!! cried. cried.cried. psst.. eventhough, i still wish that one day i can come again. seriously.. i love them, it's delicious!! please try this, ok..