about yesterday

on the way back to klang we (kak zai and i) decided to use old dengkil-banting road. just for the 1st trial to explore new things. guess what?? we stop at the road junction and bought fried bananas (pisang goreng lor) and i met a few new things!! let's take a look what i experienced for yesterday. (1) there are the area of 'orang-orang asli' that's why many people selling all their 'hasil-hasil hutan' along the dengkil road. seriously.. i don't know about them (2) i saw 'pisang abu' and shoot the photo because i don't know what is 'pisang abu'. i just heard about them couple of months ago from my sweetheart's mother. she told me about 'pisang abu' and i do'nt have any ideas what's it looks alike? (3) last but not least.. i found 'jering'. what??! do'nt laugh at me ok.. next story is right after i found klang, kak zai drop me off in office and i went to Jj Bukit Tinggi. if you still remember i told you that i felt dizzy couple of days ago, so i went for eyes check up and the result is .. dot.. dot.. dot..